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Collie Related Web Sites:
Collie Club of America
American Working Collie Associatio
Collie Connection

Collie Rescue Web Sites:
Collie Rescue Foundation

Collie Club Of America Rescue List
Houston Collie Rescue
Pueblo Collie Sheltie Rescue
Dallas-Fort Worth Collie Rescue

Collie Rescue Austin

Colorado Collie Rescue

Southland Collie Rescue

Other Rescue Resources:

Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona

Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico

El Paso Rescue & Adoption Resources

Animal Rescue League of El Paso
From The Heart Animal Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso

Great Dane Rescue of El Paso

Humane Society of El Paso

New Hope Alliance at El Paso Animal Services

Second Chance Rescue Farm

Pet Lost and Found Web Sites:

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Go to https://www.yourstoragefinder.com/storing-chemicals-and-allergens-safely-for-your-pets

DOG RESOURCE GUIDE ON A BUDGET - A budget-friendly guide to help you save money while providing Fido a fantastic, fun and healthy life. Go to http://bebusinessed.com/resource-guides/dog-guide/

THE PET PROFESSIONAL GUILD PET TRAVEL GUIDE- Go to http://www.petprofessionalguild.com/Resources/Documents/The%20PPG%20Pet%20Travel%20Guide.pdf

EMERGENCY PLANNING FOR PETS at htpps://ready.gov/animalswill give you tips for planning for your pets in an emergency.

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