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Collies Adopted 2017 - Page 1





Nicholas adopted by Yolanda in Glendale AZ April 2017.

Mucco (Moe) adopted by Beata West in Colorado Springs CO May 2017.

Chloe adopted by Helen Davis in Albuquerque NM June 2017.

Cody adopted by Lenore in Tucson AZ June 2017.

Wallace adopted by Rosemary in Tucson AZ January 2017.

Delta adopted by Mark in Gilbert AZ March 2017.

Hero adopted by Jeanna and Daniel in Alamogordo NM April 2017.

Lady adopted by Carol, Ron and Stephanie in Scottsdale AZ March 2017.

Rocky adopted by Colleen and James in Wikieup AZ January 2017.

Kayla adopted by David in Phoenix AZ January 2017.

Tazzie adopted by Carol in Scottsdale AZ January 2017.

Emma adopted by Jo and Ron in Scottsdale AZ January 2017.


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