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Collies Adopted 2015 - Page 1






Jake adopted by Kelly and Kevin in Tigard, OR April 2015.

Heidi adopted by Della in Litchfield Park AZ June 2015.

Charlie adopted by Bill and Lois in El Paso TX June 2015.

Emma adopted by Camille and Frank in Scottsdale AZ June 2015.


Angus adopted by Mary in McNeil AZ March 2015.


Ziggy adopted by Taunya in Casa Grande AZ March 2015.


Ollie adopted by Bettina and David in El Paso TX March 2015.


Willow adopted by Alma and Ralph in Alamogordo NM April 2015.

isabella head

Isabella adopted by Kay in Albuquerque NM February 2015

Bella adopted by Carol and Ron in Scottsdale in February 2015


Juliet adopted by Amanda and Scott in Corrales NM in February 2015. L to R -William, Melissa, Amanda and, of course, Juliet the collie.


Zorro (now Charlie) adopted by Elizabeth and Ron in Greybull WY in March 2015.


Wiley adopted by Mark in Florence AZ January 2015


Bridget adopted by John and Kettie in Rio Rancho NM January 2015

Remy adopted by Carla and David in Corrales NM February 2015


Ronnie (shadow) adopted by Nan and David Hine in Roswell NM February 2015


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