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Collies Adopted 2012 - Page 3





Chance adopted by Lisa and Steve in Amarillo TX December 2012.




Syran adopted by Lynn and John in Phoenix AZ December 2012.



Katie adopted by Wayne in Alamogordo NM December 2012.



Rian adopted by Melinda and Sebastian in Sandia Park NM December 2012.


Elsie adopted by Ralph and
Alma in Alamogordo NM December 2012.



Callahan adopted by Jordan and
family in White Sands Missle Range NM December 2012.


Delilah adopted by Debbie in Phoenix AZ December 2012.


Tess (Kasha) adopted by Kris and
Madeline in Mountainair NM December 2012.


Millie adopted by Art in Surprise AZ October 2012.





Diva adopted by Susanna and
Steve in Santa Fe NM November 2012.



Otis adopted by Diane and
Rick in Sedona AZ December 2012.




Cassidy adopted by Nancy in Scottsdale AZ Decembrer 2012




Hudson adopted by Darla and
Gary in Abilene TX September 2012.



Annie (aka Lassie) [right] with her new friend Zach [left] adopted by Char and
Lew in Dewey, AZ September 2012.



Koda adopted by Kevin, Theresa and Ivy in Phoenix, AZ October 2012.

Rhys Rhys adopted by Pat in Albuqurque NM October 2012.


Cassie and family

Cassie adopted by Don and
Sarah in Dillon MT August 2012.

L to R: Don, Cassie, Amelie, Sarah, Indigo and Olivette.


Treve and family

Treve adopted by Andrea and
Scott in Queen Creek AZ September 2012.

L to R: Andrea, Treve, Tegan and Scott.


Laddie and Fiona

Fiona adopted by Marie and Robert in Tijeras NM September 2012.

L to R: Laddie and Fiona


Scuda and Jazzy

Skudka and Jazzy adopted by the Lin family in
Scott in Cave Creek AZ September 2012.

L to R: Andrea, Treve, Tegan and Scott.


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