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Collies Adopted 2010 - Page 3




Nicky, adopted in WA December 2010

Mojo, adopted in Alamogordo NM December 2010.

Sunny adopted in Abilene TX December 2010.

Rusty adopted in Alamogordo NM December 2010.

Fiona, adopted in Mesa AZ November 2010.


Buddy, adopted in Amarillo TX November 2010.

Rascal, adopted with Mocha in El Paso TX November 2010.

Mocha, adopted with Rascal in El Paso TX November 2010.

Duke, a Sheltie, adopted in Farmington NM September 2010.

Mady adopted in Santa Fe NM September 2010.


Casey, adopted in Estancia NM November 2010.

Skipper, adopted in El Paso TX November 2010.


Sassy adopted September 2010 by Mary in Douglas AZ


Cisco adopted September 2010 in AZ

Sally with Martin adopted September 2010 in NM


Lupita adopted in El Paso TX in September by Bettina and David 2010


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