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We rescue every purebred collie in our area needing help, no matter how old or how sick. All donations to Southwest Collie Rescue are tax-deductible under Sect. 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.





These collies or shelties have just arrived in SWCR. Each will be vetted and fostered until SWCR knows enough about them to write a bio. That process can take a few weeks. Then they will move to the Collies Needing Homes page. So click on this link to see if the collie you last saw on this page is now ready for adoption.




Sex: Male
Color: Sable and White
Variety: N/A
Age: 8 months
Rescued: Chaparral NM
Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio: Chewy is fun, outgoing collie mix of about 8 months of age. He came to Southwest Collie Rescue as an owner turn in after having been a stray. He has been bounced around a bit for such a young guy. Nonetheless, he is very affectionate and playful, readily seeking and accepting attention from us. He has gotten along well with people of varying ages from preteens to grandparents but might be a bit rambunctious for small children.

Chewy loves to go for walks and is making great progress in learning to walk well on a lead. He responds best to positive reinforcement, gentle direction and treats! It is obvious that he wants to please! Because of his energy level he would probably be a great running or hiking companion with just a bit more training.

If you are looking for a playful pup, look no further! Chewy loves to play, especially if the game involves running, playing fetch, keep-away or tug-of-war. Although Chewy wants to play with our adult collie, he gets carried away at times and becomes aggressive. We think it may be a dominance issue as our collie is very docile. A simple timeout gets him under control every time.

Chewy is quite agile! He can literally switch directions midair! He would probably be a great candidate for agility training. The best home for him will have someone who will play or run with Chewy at least a couple of times each day. After all, he is a puppy.

It is obvious that Chewy has received very little training or socialization but he has made great progress in the short time he has been in our home. He rides well in the car, does not try to steal food from humans or our collie, is crate trained and housebroken. He is not a barker except when excited in play. Otherwise, he is quiet pup. Chewy does like to chew on things but by having acceptable chew toys and treats, he has not been at all destructive. Lastly, he is very curious about our dog savvy cat but has not been aggressive.

Chewy has great potential to be a wonderful, fun addition to your life. He just needs someone who will be patient, gentle and loving in training him to be the dog he is meant to be. For more information about Chewy, please contact Bill at bkferrell@cox.net






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